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28-May-2018 15:36

so if anybody wants to write a complete walkthrough it will be necessary to compile a long list of the small talk commands as well...I think it would be nice to have a status bar showing how happy she is with your chat.After that you might get her to show her boobs (right plural!) which actually works twice and pushes you beyond the magic barrier of 90% so you can actually ask her to strip which she does (and it doesn't end the game )! she always said I needed to be nicer to her for that...I'm sorry, but in this game you can't strip Ali, Jenna and Karina! :( These are the commands I've found: Wave, Jump, Run, Tickle, Laugh, Cry, Beg, Python, Sandwich, Robot, Finger, Candy, Pout, Jiggle, Flip, Flirt, Muscle, Dance, Oneleg, Fall, Angry, Cleavage, Fight, Chicken, Camel, wedgie, Splits, Contest, Fix, Drunk, Spank, Spank2, Kiss, Bum, Keys, Breast, Boobs Ali, Boobs Jenna, Boobs Karina, Climax, Hammer, Relax, Shag, Banana, Catwalk Ali, Catwalk Jenna, Catwalk Karina, Slave, Wax, Polish, Soap, Washcar, Wingmirror, Wetshirt, Oil, Pistols, Pose, Yoga, Bootie, Thighs, Funbags, Photo Ali, Photo Jenna, Ball, Limbo, Pussy, Herbie, Foam, Cherry, Number, Topgear, Rude.

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Description: Join these 3 super hot babes, enter various naughty commands and watch how girls perform them for you.Below you’ll find everything from sex-based mafia roleplays, to MMO gangbangs, to ‘traditional’ avatar-based cyber sex.

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