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08-Sep-2018 18:16

One of these was with the firm of Angus Watson in 1937.

Spode often worked in conjunction with famous manufacturers of various products to produce items for special promotions.

Some examples are Marble, Parsley, Star sheet, Fibre sheet, Thyme sheet (of which there seems to be two versions), Shagreen or Broth, and Moss Sprigs.

These sheets could be used on their own printed in a plain colour.

The flowers, leaves, birds and branches were then painted with a water soluble resist with the wonderful name of 'ackey'. When the paper of this transfer was washed off the 'ackey' was also washed off leaving the main pattern visible.

This could then be hand coloured and gilded in stages after the glost firing.Spring Several 20th century patterns have spring in their title: Springgala (or Spring Gala), Springtime and Spring.